We send your Chocolates with cool packs in this period. Perfect service in 24 h.

We send your Chocolates with cool packs in this period. Perfect service in 24 h.


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Happy Mărțișor to all people in the world!

On this first of March, Martisor day for Romania, Important day for Romanian people … But with the Ukraine crisis, in my head, I want to ask the Romanian people, ...

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Lien Matthijs

Lien lives in Ghent. Photography is her second professional passion. She graduated with a degree in photography at KISP, Flanders, Belgium. She specialized in portrait and wedding photography. But nature photography is also a nice bonus if it presents itself. ...

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Living is an art…

Morning, the ring or buzzer, the reality is there... Not the best time for everyone… Flashes take over your head, Sorry, no alcohol tonight, no sweets tonight, I will eat ...

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Christmas at Grandma’s

We are all on our way, on our way to the most beautiful moment of this year … Christmas ! The preparations are in full swing, the passing Christmas trees, ...

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Șerban Mestecăneanu

Șerban Mestecăneanu is a freelance photographer living in Bucharest, Romania. He is known for documenting the classical music industry and has been invited to photograph many festivals around the world. He has participated in many photo exhibitions and has published several photo albums. ...

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Dancing to freedom

It is the title of a book by André Pelgrims, a Belgian expert in group dynamics. I heard his story in Fried’l Lesages radio program TOUCHE. One of my favourites ...

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Carole Van der Voort

Carole Van der Voort is a passionate photographer & writer. She is moved by light, by beauty, by nature and most of all, by the right people. She lives and works in Antwerp and Lisbon and has participated in numerous group exhibitions in Belgium & Romania since 2008. ...

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This project is part of a bigger story…

As the world around us becomes more complex and faster,
a new consciousness is growing.

Our consciousness understands, that we will have to do things differently to make a difference, so be different and inform yourself about our commitments…

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