Our web-boutique is closed. Open again on Friday 26 August 2022.

Our web-boutique is closed. Open again on Friday 26 August 2022.

Christmas at Grandma’s

We are all on our way,
on our way to the most beautiful moment of this year …
Christmas !
The preparations are in full swing, the passing Christmas trees,
are a clear sign, that it really is happening.

My grandmother also insisted every year,
to install her Christmas tree,
with her lights, with her balls and stars,
in the same place in the living room …

Every year the same lights, the same balls, …

When you went to visit grandma,
you knew before, how it would be…

There were still certainties in life…
No hassle, with colours, with new trends, etc…

You went to grandma, because she was expecting you deep in her heart,
children and grandchildren always welcome,
in the Christmas tree inside her heart.

The hug, pulling it close,
when you came in,
you look radiant…
glad you’re here…

That was Christmas, the warmth, the affection,
the simplicity of things…
She gave you love …
a hug for the road, for times it was hard,
then you thought of her
for her, love was simple, sincere, pure
and loaded with a lifetime of experience.

Things were simple in life,
all the superfluous was gone,
it was only about the things,
who really mattered…

Therefore this theme, as an ode,
to the elderly,
to wisdom,
the simple sincere love of the grandmothers and grandfathers…

Let’s not forget them
but honor them …
let’s not let them languish quietly in a rest home,
or at home in a corner
they are a treasure to “come home to”

Let’s respect them,
Let’s never forget them!


In the same simplicity and purity,
we present,
for you,
our Christmas collection…

come together,
celebrate Christmas and New Years
in a pure and genuine atmosphere,
REALLY care about each other,

Enjoy our Fine Belgian chocolates,
and spread the news,

A new star is born…. !

Peter Mees


Maria, immaculata concepta, ora pro nobis ad te confugientibus.

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