Our web-boutique is closed. Open again on Friday 26 August 2022.

Our web-boutique is closed. Open again on Friday 26 August 2022.

Our Artist of the Month

The Belgian photographer Lien Matthijs

Who is she?

Lien lives in Ghent. Photography is her second professional passion. She graduated with a degree in photography at KISP, Flanders, Belgium.
She specialized in portrait and wedding photography. But nature photography is also a nice bonus if it presents itself.

What drives her?

Memories, making tangible is my motivation. You can capture such a moment when people least expect it. This intuition and alertness are my passion.
I also love to go out into the world and discover with the same openness the unexpected.

Why Mees Chocolates ?

I love it when people want to make small changes to our world. I believe that the “The Wall of Change” project is a fun way for people to reflect on themselves and their own lives and to ask themselves from time to time, what am I doing here?
All these small changes together can have a big impact in the end!

Why this artist ?

For Lien, it hasn’t always been easy in this life.
This photography, like her music is clearly an answer back to life.
The enthusiasm with which she has travelled and seen the world at a young age, a WAH that I look at with a lot of respect.
But Lien, didn’t travel alone for the travelling on his own, but went where life showed itself at its roughest, hardest side… And her eyes captured this in an incredible way…
Pure, natural, daring and above all HONEST!
This touches me, a soul that silently looks at the world and the people with HER eyes!

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