Our web-boutique is closed. Open again on Friday 26 August 2022.

Our web-boutique is closed. Open again on Friday 26 August 2022.

Living is an art…

Morning, the ring or buzzer, the reality is there…
Not the best time for everyone…
Flashes take over your head,

no alcohol tonight,
no sweets tonight,
I will eat a little less …

The mirror is indeed telling, you need to act.

You drag yourself to your first sip of coffee,
wah-oh-oh …
Reality becomes more supportable
another fresh shower, and we’re done again …
for a day of LIFE…

Back in time,
to my grandmother,
She told me every time “TOO MUCH” is not ok.
Everything in moderation …

So it is indeed, after almost 60 years of trying,
good intentions,
initiatives witch died a soft death,
I dare to say, that I am much closer to the balance,
the art of living…

Starting the day, on time, with time ‘enough’ for yourself …
A piece of silence, time to turn inside, not long,
20 minutes,
a moment of silence before we get into the rush…

A fresh shower, enjoy,
going through planning,
a nice coffee,
1 or 2,

Giving yourself with enthusiasm,
to the things that come your way,
a smile here and there,
seriously if you have too,
some positivism,
to listen to someone,
support someone (a Scouts-man/woman does this every day)

Closing the day, the planning for tomorrow.
Sports – exercise, fitness or walking, a piece of nature,
a light meal,
A glass of wine, a beer,
1 or 2,
but with grandma in mind,
in balance,

And finally we come to the point …

A chocolate, feel free,
can be really a part of a daily ritual.
Of course in balance …

A piece of orange peel with dark chocolate,
a piece of ginger, drowned in dark chocolate,
a piece of milk ‘Origin’ chocolate and 70% cocoa butter,
a chocolate snack every day

They are wonderful things to your mind,
they calm you down, along with that glass of wine,
for a peaceful night, a fresh start…

Life is certainly also enjoyment,
enjoying quality every day,
the good things in life,
and that is the fuel for another new day.
A new fresh start …

an art with a little chocolate around it…

Peter Mees


Maria, immaculata concepta, ora pro nobis ad te confugientibus.

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