We only create our pralines with the freshest ingredients. Fresh butter, fresh cream, pure fruit, etc… This has consequences for conservation. This shortens the storage period of 5 weeks.

You can find a “best before” date on the packaging. A “best before” date is about quality, not food safety.

After that date, the products usually gradually lose flavour and texture.

MEES CHOCOLATES  has tried to process its different flavour groups in different boxes.

It is with the utmost care that we have worked out this selection for you.

In order to ensure that everything runs smoothly from an organizational point of view, we cannot offer you this service at the moment.

At the moment our focus is on Romania, the Netherlands and Belgium.

The prices for these countries can be found on our website. In principle, we can always help you, as longas the countries are members of the European Union.

Therefore, please contact us on our WhatsApp number 0040 733 010 000 or by mail at info@meeschocolates.com.

Then we can inform you about the correct price for shipping.

Please refer to our Shipping and Delivery section.

Yes, we can ship chocolate in warm temperatures.

We use Dutch cool packs for this. They ensure that your package remains at the ideal temperature for 48 hours.

That’s why, during those hot moments, we only ship if we’re sure your package arrives before the weekend.

At check out you can specify a different delivery address.

If you want to send a personal message, you can indicate this when ordering.

If you have several special wishes, please contact us via WhatsApp 0040 733 010 000 or by mail info@meeschocolates.com.

It is important that you store your chocolate in a dry (˂ 70%) and cool (12°C -21°C) place.

If it gets too hot in the house in the summer, we still prefer to recommend the fridge. Then place your chocolate in a plastic sealable container. This is to prevent condensation and odours from the fridge go affecting your chocolate.

Do you want to consume chocolate and enjoy all the aromas optimally, let your chocolate then come to room temperature for a few hours.This way you can fully enjoy.

The information about allergens can be found on every product page in the information bar “Allergens”.

You click on the info bar “ingredients and nutritional values” and a link will lead you to a page where you will find an overview of all chocolate creations.

If you click on the photo of a product, a frame will appear with all the information.

On each product page is a bar with a photo of each individual creation from your chosen box. If you click on the photo, a frame will appear with the info.