We send your Chocolates with cool packs in this period. Perfect service in 24 h.

We send your Chocolates with cool packs in this period. Perfect service in 24 h.

Our Commitment


Zero child labour

The worst forms of child labor continue to be present in cocoa farming, including in Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana, which accounts for approximately two – thirds of global cocoa production. The challenges facing children in cocoa – growing communities are rooted in interrelated, structural issues such as poverty, social exclusion and the lack of access to essential services, including quality education, health care, drinking water and sanitation facilities.


No poverty

Low productivity on cocoa farms as a result of poor agricultural practices, nutrient-depleted soils and aging cocoa trees continue to keep cocoa farmers and their families in a cycle of poverty. As we progress towards our 2025 target of lifting more than 500,000 cocoa farmers in our supply chain out of poverty, we must continue to focus on scaling impact whilst refining our approach to solve the structural challenges facing cocoa farmers


Our ecological footprint

Climate change can have severe impacts on agricultural regions. Droughts mean farmers can no longer rely on crucial rainfall, while deforestation leads to soil degradation. To ensure the stability of ecosystems, the chocolate industry must commit to reducing its carbon footprint and achieve a deforestation – free supply chain.


100% sustainable ingredients in all of our products

At Barry Callebaut we source a wide range of ingredients for our chocolate products, including dairy, palm oil, coconut oil, nuts, cane sugar, beet sugar, soy lecithin and vanilla. Each ingredient we use faces its own complex supply chain that varies from geographic region and subsequently presents its own unique sustainability ch allenges. To reach our target of 100% sustainable ingredients by 2025, we continue with the implementation of our sustainable sourcing programs across all ingredients.


A culture of respect, also in our company

The culture within our company is based on our 5 values. We consciously deal with this every day.

Also we invest 10% of our net revenue back into people.

4% flows back to our employees
3% goes to a charity foundation that carries our respect
3% is spent on things that are urgent around us.

In this way we, as a company, try to help to build a better world.

These are the values we fully subscribe to.

These are the values we fully subscribe.
They are also the values of our house supplier, for chocolate, Barry Callebaut…
Read more about their sustainability program towards 2025
That’s what Forever Chocolate is all about… -Barry Callebaut”

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